Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Oops, I missed a month...

Happy new year!

I'm not going to lie; life has been busy.

I just finished my orchestra piece (and parts) for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra's Jean Coulthard Reading Session. I'm also rehearsing madly for two upcoming concerts, both of which will feature my new piece Compassion & Sacrifice, a collaboration with Ray Hsu. I'm about to start a 3-month hiatus from composing (as much as possible...) in order to study for my comprehensive exam, though there is still much music to be written, haha!

A new development in 2012 is that I've found myself a boyfriend. I won't say much, because I've learned my lesson with public forums, but so far it's improved my sleep-schedule and been less susceptible to late-night boredom eating. The overall result has been good on my diabetes management. That improvement has disappeared since focusing on work/deadlines in place of boyfriend time this last week or so...
In conclusion, romance is good for blood sugars!

Earlier today, I realized that I had set up the email-retrieval for my website email address... As a result, I found emails from the past 2 years that I've missed! What I've learned is that there IS interest in this blog, so I'm back with a vengeance! Since most of that interest has been diabetes related, I'll bring that closer to the forefront of my blogging, uh... next time!

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Tiffy said...

Sounds like things are well and you are very happy. :) Always nice to hear from you.