Thursday, October 13, 2011

dead mice and a vibrant creative spirit

When I came home today, I stuck my hand into the mailbox.
I felt something soft and fluffy.
In retrospect, I don't know why I didn't second guess my hand's decision: I pulled it out.

I really wish I could have enjoyed that for even a moment longer. It was soft, so soft, nice, so nice.

As I pulled my hand out, my reaction turned to shock, horror, disgust, as I realized what it was my hand was holding.
[I know I'm building the suspense, but really, we all know you've already read this post's title]

Anyone who's watched a movie with me, or told me a shocking story, knows exactly what happened next; I screamed like a little girl and let out a burst of profanities.
I am not ashamed of my reaction.
Though maybe,
I should be.

Creatively, things are thriving.
Plans for next year's VISI Art Song Lab are well underway.
I've organized a collaboration, of composers and music theorists which will culminate in a lecture recital at the end of November.
I will be playing piano for one of those pieces, as well as having my own piece played/analyzed.
I'm currently working an orchestra piece, which is a portfolio requirement for which I've finally found the inspiration I've been needing.
I recently connected with a singer for whom I'm really excited about writing a cycle.
Ray and I are collaborating on a project that has us exploring, questioning, and challenging issues and technicalities of copyright and fair dealing.
In addition to my regular teaching, I took on a small contract for some dance exams in a few weeks.
Oh ya, my thesis: I'm getting increasingly excited about the direction the opera is taking!

So far, I've written 5 pieces in 2011 and should have 2 more completed before the year's end. This is my most prolific year yet, and it feels great!

Anyway, loyal readers, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long. I promise to be better from here on in!

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The Illustrious D said...

Mice are real dicks. I'm glad he's dead.

Also, happy belated birthday! So sorry I missed it. Hope you found a spare ______.